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Seed treatment using a high volume precision applicator available.

We offer an option for seed treatment for seed purchased from us. We have a high volume, precise application seed treater from Graham seed treating systems.

Each one of these five categories of pedigreed seed must meet standards that are clearly defined by the Canada Seeds Act.

  • Germination refers to the ability of the seed to develop into a healthy seedling under optimum conditions. Pedigreed seed must meet minimum germination standards, so using extra seed to compensate for poor germination is not required.
  • Vigour indicates the ability of seed to germinate and grow rapidly under less than ideal conditions such as may happen in the spring after seeding and germination.
  • Genetic purity results in a crop that responds more uniformly to environmental conditions, hence reducing the risk of lower grades. Pedigreed seed guarantees very high purity levels. Purity is maintained by isolation distances, land use restrictions and maximum levels of off-types, other crops and weeds.
  • Seed should contain as few weeds as possible. The type of potential weed is also important as some compete more aggressively with a crop and are harder/more expensive to control. All pedigreed seed has a certificate of analysis explaining what weeds and other crops are present as well as maximum tolerances.
  • Disease, such as smut and bunt, can be carried on seeds. There are tests for most seed-transmitted diseases.

Seed is grown by members of the Canadian Seed Growers Association under their rules and regulations. The procedures and standards are supervised and enforced by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada to ensure the seed meets the following criteria:

  • is true to variety
  • meets disease free standard
  • meets the standard of purity for freedom from weed and other crop seeds
  • meets the germination standard