Early Discounts


We have quality Pedigreed seed for sale. We only deal in seed we have grown ourselves so we can tell you how it compares to other varieties. We use a belt conveyor as much as possible so your seed is in the best possible condition.

Quantities are limited so be sure to get your order in early.  Your eligible discount can be calculated using the form below.



  1. Early booking available when a 20% non-refundable deposit per variety is made in the listed month.
  2. Early booking and cash discount available when order is paid in full in the respected month.
  3. If seed treatment is booked, the winter pickup discount is still applies to spring pickup.
  4. Minimum purchase of $500 for all orders.


We have a large scale and are able to weigh on site. All sales are final and must be paid for before leaving our farm unless arrangements are made prior to pick up.


To view seed details please select a seed by clicking on a link in the sidebar.